A Message To You From The Blog

Olá a todos, como estão?
Hello everybody, how are you?

Temos uma mensagem para vocês, leitores:
We ve a message to you, readers:

"  I know that a blog means that we post something to the readers daily... But you can't imagine how hard is keeping it with news and stuff. It spends a lot of time from us.
  I always says "we" but I'm alone on this project called ABBA Best. This is not a "news ABBA blog", it is a blog where you can find nice stuff like photos (for example), and also news. The word "we" means that you guys can be a part of the team. How? — Sharing links, opinions and news. The blog's readers make us a community. 
  But only me who have to keep the blog clean, organised and useful. It's an hard job to creat news subjects: I have to think about new ideas, activities, subjects and I have to share the news.
  But I've my own life. ABBA is an important part of me and it's a pleasure to work on the blog but I've studies, I've stuff to do. It makes me so busy and I've to leave sometimes the blog during weeks. Also, I've a new computer and I've to move my stuff to this one, which makes it harder than actually is. 
  It doesn't mean I'm leaving the blog!!! I'm just telling why the blog is inactive during weeks. I have more blogs and projects but ABBA Best I will never give up! 
  Some weeks ago, I decided to post every subject in two languages because some people wanted read the blog but they didn't understand what was wrote here. English and Portuguese are the official ABBA Best's language and it means more time spent on the blog. I have to translate every post (including this one) and it is hard sometimes. For example: a medium article to be translate in Portuguese, I spend 1h and some minutes to translate and to organise the post, I spend 10 minutes.
  So, if I'm late with some posts that I promised, I swear I'm getting ready them! You should wait some days or weeks, but what I promise, I always do! 
  I love this blog too much, it was my first blog and I feel sad because I don't have time to produce more stuff here! I'm a friendly person that helps everybody and then forgets himself. That's me! I'm trying to fix it, saying no although it hurts.
  To help me, share on the blog or on our Facebook/Twitter suggestions about the next subjects that you would like to read here! Also, you can share news from ABBA! It will help me to keep this blog alive!

  Thank you for ready and I'm so sorry if I'm being late with what I promise but please, contribute to keep it alive!

ABBA Best Administration "

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