WedAgnetha + Björn = WedLove

 Hello! More WedAgnetha, but it is special... Is about Agnetha and Björn :) Enjoy the pictures!

Maybe they were not happy at that moment....

Maybe one of them smiley and the other cry..

Love is always inside us, on the mind and the heart, on the smiles..


On the songs.... about love..

It's more than hugs under umbrellas..

More than walks in the street and hugs to warm..

More than a kiss on stage... Although it's soo delicious in the love..

Love isn't easy to explain.. It's a help when you need..

♥ The Happy Days with love ♥

The wishes.. ♥

And... ♥ Affection in the workplace doesn't hurt, right? Some cute kisses (like what should have happened in this picture), hugging, whispering in the ears, romantic words and maybe plans for free time, is good, no? ♥ love is in the air!

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