Hello Hello :) Happy Easter for my favorites ABBA Fans and Visitors! For a happy day, I did a funny post :) Enjoy with your family! :D

Anni-Frid: Go away from me Mr.Beer!
Benny: OH :( I´m soo sad now..

Anni-Frid: MUHAHAHA! I'm evil!

Anni-Frid: And I'm sexy love!!
Agnetha: Ey!! Me too!!
Anni-Frid: No, you aren't sexy!

(Agnetha gave a slap to Anni-Frid "funny funny but impossible")
Agnetha: Good Bye Best Friend!
Anni-Frid: Bye... (crying)

(Without Anni-Frid)
Agnetha: I'm a bee.. bee.. bee!!! zzzzzzzzzzZzz

Benny: Ups .. I have no way to do this .. but here goes. Anni-Frid and Agnetha are sexy. Both are beautiful!

Anni-Frid: Huumm Benny... I have amazing ASS! Agnetha NO!!

Agnetha: Really???! I don't see that!

Björn: HAHA! Wait! I haven't got into this post yet. Agnetha is cute with this hat, isn't she? HAHA! I offer her for you in this Easter! :D

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