In Concert- Girls (Agnetha and Anni-Frid)

Hello..It's the time for girls' photos.. in concert! Enjoy it!

Anni-Frid: I'm alone on the show?

Agnetha: No! My lovely friend!!! You will never be alone!

Anni-Frid: Thanks!! Now is my time to be a Star!
Agnetha: EYY!! 

Agnetha: It's also my time to be a Star..but..

Anni-Frid: What Agnetha?
Agnetha: It's our time to sing, together!

Anni-Frid: Yes... And dancing!!!
Agnetha: Like the dancing queen!

Anni-Frid: Yes!!
Agnetha: Let's get crazy!

Anni-Frid: No.. More soft..
Agnetha: Like an angeleyes?

Anni-Frid: Yes, my blue eyes...
Agnetha: *sing with all her heart*

Anni-Frid: *sing with her love*
Agnetha: I see the future Frida..

Agnetha: We'll be seen by a lot of people!!
Anni-Frid: But.. now we are famous!!

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