Hello! This is our first WedAgnetha here! I'm so happy! 
Today, the first theme for WedAgnetha is... Agnetha's Sunglasses!
Enjoy it!

I like this sunglasses.. Are well to her skin color!

Blue glasses.. With blue eyes! :) Looks great.

I love this glasses! Are so fashion! This model is now back in vogue!

Humm.. I like :) A bit.

She looks like a cat here, I love that glasses

This sunglasses are similar to the rider. Aren't my favorites ..

So cutie with that! HAHA She look great with this glasses! 

Whaaat a BIG GLASSES!!


Conclusion: To Agnetha, she really love sunglasses. She had a huge collection of glasses .. Until you get her good! 

Suggestion: Agnetha, don't use glasses too square or round and uses them quite large. :) 

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