Rares Benny

Hello, how are you? Now I have here rares photos of Benny! Enjoy!

Benny = FUNNY!

I love It! I think that it was toke at Polar Office.

So cute with his new animal friend!

Benny, no!!

AHAHA I think it's very small.

Benny playing tennis :))

So cute! And.. BIG DOG!

I love your hair, Benny!

Omg so cute!

My names is Andersson, Benny Andersson!


Beautiful eyes!

The day before you came.

1 comment:

  1. Obrigada, Carolix!
    O Benny tá lindo mesmo ;)
    E essa foto que você postou onde aparece o violão eu nunca havia visto. Como o Be tá diferente, muito fofo com esse sorriso :)

    Beijos e boa semana!!



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