Rares Anni-Frid

Hello everybody! How are you? I will make a special posts with rares with the four members of ABBA. Enjoy!

Great jacket!

She looks like killer! HAHA

Anni-Frid: Go one more!

That's a funny face!

So beautiful with this :')

Anni-Frid: What they have doing?

Weird hairstyle ..

Divine and sexy!

Love it! It remember the old times!

What a eyes! Sooo pretty!

Benny sets up a stick!

She is cute!

Anni-Frid and Linda, great complicity.

:) LOVE :)

Anni-Frid: Benny, love, come here now and I will show you!

Look at the muscle of her right leg!

No, Frida, No!

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