Rare Photos - At Least For Me.

Hello guys! How are you? I came here to post some pictures of our friends ABBA. Do not know if photos are rare but I hope you enjoy! :)

Agnetha has a sweater that didn't never saw !

They are so beautiful! I suppose it' at Christmas Time :))

Our little princess giving autographs! Even love this picture!

ABBA The Movie :)

In the last year of ABBA

The hand of Frida on Benny's chest is really especial .. wonderful.

Looks ..

Beautiful smile! : D

I think it's in 1979, by the clothes ..

Benny singing and Björn playing guitar!

A laugh of our Anna is mandatory!

The Winner .. Beautiful photo! Love

This picture is to complete! That are so dear! (see the little hand)

I will continue after the post

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