Continuation - Rare Photos

 Here is the continuation of the photos. I wanted to say that it will be several versions of rare photos. :) Enjoy


Very rare photo of Björn in 1979

Björn and Anni-Frid!

Good guitarist :))

Honey! Beautiful forever!

A picture really rare! Bjorn and Agnetha kissing that way!

This is Anni-Frid and greedy!


Agnetha play and the other one dancing :)

Rare photo of Björn and Benny

I have no words for that smile!

Björn in a marathon in Stockholm. He is quite an athlete! That is why he's elegant!

Agnetha in the studio in 1979.

Frida in Australia

With Stig !

Agnetha and her bike:)

A special photo that I love! Agnetha was pregnant.

Beautiful eyes

Anni-Frid and Björn

I love the face!

Dance rehearsals


Australia (?)

Looks so cute! By the way, they are divorced. 

Bad quality :(

I love!


With the Waterloo's clother (Hovas Vittne)!!!

Benny and his beautiful eyes!

Very sexy :))


  1. Obrigada pela visita e volte mais vezes! gostei muito do seu blog :D Beijinhhos.

  2. Bela relação de fotos, Carolix!
    E obrigada pelo comentário ;)




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