Hello ABBAFans, how are you? I got more of my "comic book" about ABBA. Many Laughs!

Björn: Sorry, I forgot our wedding anniversary, but I can reward you!

Agnetha: Hmm .. I don't think so Björn..


Agnetha: Stand back please, the queen will pass.
Björn: Oh god Agnetha, you're just more a member of ABBA.
Benny: What you mean Agnetha?! The princess here is Frida!
Anni-Frid: So.. Who is the princess here?! Come on!

Agnetha: I can see you, Benny.. I'm always observing you.


Agnetha (thinking): I wish someone would to give me a kiss like this.


Anni-Frid: You're very smart, nothing to look for others girls!
Benny: Do you think it, my sweetie!I just have eyes for you! (Thinking: That girl is really pretty!)


Björn: We will celebrate the day of the... ants!

Agnetha: Frida, you have a pimple with pus!
Anni-Frid: Where?! That's disgusting.

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